Kiwi playwright, Devon Williamson, serves up another comically delicious tale of mystery and intrigue, with a sprinkling of deception. Throw in a handful of Shakespearean ghosts. And serve with a side order of murder.

Sophia has been conned into buying a derelict theatre. Now with crushing bank loan payments to make and no money, the jobless Sophia decides to defy the odds and dig her way out of her financial mess by reopening the theatre as a cafe.

Her already dire situation worsens when she soon discovers that the theatre is inhabited by the pompous ghosts of dead Shakespearean characters who are hell-bent on keeping their home just as it is, thank you very much!

It’s a recipe for disaster! So what should Sophia do when she discovers that the only way to get rid of the ghosts is to murder them as they were killed in their original plays…sounds perfect – right?

At Sophie’s cafe, murder is now on the menu.

Performed for only the second time ever in New Zealand, New Players is excited to be bringing this comedy of Shakespearean proportions to life at Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee Street, Wellington.

Directed by Braden Lister

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