Nothing livens up a dinner party more than friends, food and the odd infidelity or two…! After years of hard work and countless rejections, Eleanor’s first romance novel has finally been published. Her closest friend, Addison – who has sworn not to throw a party in her honour – promises an event of conservative proportions and “close friends” only. But affairs have been taking place, and upon revelation, the dinner party devolves into mayhem. An aspiring, if not very clever, detective tries to find out who is responsible for the chaos…

Newplayers is delighted to bring you ‘A Relatively Uneventful Evening’ by George Arthur, with thanks to Play Market.

Join us for a night of laugher and slap stick comedy.

Over the course of one evening a small group of close but highly  dysfunctional friends are invited to a dinner party to celebrate the publication of Eleanor’s first book.Various disagreements ensue while, in the background, Sinclair stumbles into the room and is quickly pronounced dead.

Efforts to hide the body are thwarted by visits from a nosey neighbour and a poorly timed mechanic before Amanda and Robert, the final guests to arrive. Chaos and panic drive this hilarious comedy followed with lots of twists and turns throughout a relatively “uneventful” evening.

Written by New Zealand playwright, George Arthur, in 2019, this is the second ever production of this wise-cracking, fast paced, deep dive into the ties and boundaries that are the very fabric of our friendships. What lengths would you go to for your friends?

Directed by Braden Lister

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